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Goal Progress: Health

As I mentoned in my previous post my health goals for 2015 where:
  • Keep up my gym routine
  • Get rid of my tobacco addiction
  • Loosen up my hamstrings
The first item is basically a continuation of what I started almost 3 years from now. The difference for this year is that I have focused more on strength training than running. My goal has been to hit the gym at least 4 times a week. This goal has been met all year, except for when I'm been sick and the first 2 weeks as a dad.
Dropping nicotine has been harder than expected. I quit several times during the year but fell back again for different reasons. The first big fail was when I we had the baby. Probably due to the stress and exhaustion. The next attempt failed when I got back to my hometown during my summer vacation. Hanging out with old friends got me back into old habits and what started as one snus (swedish tobacco snuff)  turned into a full on relapse. Now I'm off tobacco again but still use light nicotine pills to handle the cravings. I'm planing on getting off the pills next week.
The goal of loosening up my hamstrings have lost priority to my Chinese studies, gym routine and familiy time. There is just not enought time in my day right now to address this issue to the extent of my goal which was:
  • Being able to have my palms flat against the floor when doing forward bends.
I have done a lot of progress this year by not enough to reach that goal. I'm happy with the little improvements I made and as long as my range of movement don't decrease I'm fine with it!
I'd love to hear about your health goals for this years in the comments below! I'm also looking for a mentor when it comes to fitness, so don't hasitate to contact me if you think you can help me in this area. 
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