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Stop Sucking Your Thumb

Say what you want about Tai Lopez, but when a person that reads one book every day is giving advice, the least you can do is listen. 
I watched this video the other day about productivity. In this video he gives the viewer a 5 day challenge. "Everything that people put on you. Shoot it right back!". Don't put off for tomorrow anything you can do right now. You get an email, don't wait to answer it. Do it right away. Got a missed call. Call that person up right away. You don't want these small thing to stack up in your brain. Get rid of all the small to-do:s immediatly instead of having it linger in the back of your head and eat up you cognitive resources. If a task i not important? Take a executive decision not to do it or delegate it. Right away.
It will not work for everything, all day long. But this 5 day challenge is designed for you to find out, through practice, when it's beneficial take action immediately. There is alot more information in the video if you want to know more.
Since listening only takes you so far, unless you take action. Therefore I will do this challenge and see where It brings me and I'll share the results with you next week. These types of experiments is what Lifestyle Laboratory is all about. What action are you taking this week?
Here is the Full Video
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