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Do you Work for Money or is Money Working for you?

I'm doing a write up on my Finacial goals progress for this year, which I will post when it's ready.
Yesterday I listened to a quite famous audiobook, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert T Kiyosaki. It's a really excellent book about how differently poor and middle class people think about money compared to the rich. It basically teaches captialism 101, which might sound scary to some people. I have always seen captitalism as the root of all evil during my teenage years and early aduldhood. I have killed this limiting belief. Now I don't care about left vs. right politics and just want to see as many perspectives as possible. I'm accepting the world as not being black and white. The truth is probably somewhere in the greys. Learning about money and capital the last few years has really been a eye opener for me.
Do you work for money or is money working for you? Please spare 3 hours of your life to listen to this book if you want to improve your economy and escape the rat race. It will change your perspective on money. And if you take action and apply the principles of this book you will be on your way to riches.
The full book is Available on Youtube:
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
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