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How are your meeting your goals this year? Here is my status.

The year is slowly coming to an end and I want to share where I'm at in terms of my goals this year. It been a good year so far. I got a wonderful baby boy, I finished my first major videogame production and got a promotion. I'm also going to face my fears this month by being on a talking head on conference panel with over a thousand people in the crowd. But more on that later. 
These are some of my major goals that will take several years, but I set  milestones for each of them that I wanted to reach in 2015:
- Be healthy and free from addiction
  • Quit tobacco
  • Keep up my gym routine
  • Lengthen my hamstrings. Being able to have my entire palms on the floor when bending over forwards
- Becoming Financially Independent
  • Have 220 000 kr in savings and investments
  • Start my own company
  • Get promoted
 - Become fluent in Chinese
  • Finish Pimsleurs audio course I II & III
  • Learn all character radicals (stretchgoal)
  • Learn 500 characters
  • Be able to read shortstory "Little bear lived in a mountain cave" in chinese
I noticed the time ran away here and I have to leave for work. I'll post a separate update for each focus area and where I'm at later this week.  
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